– Saint Irenaeus-


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                               ” The Glory of God is man Fully Alive”

I’m With Jesus


What does it feel like to be worn on your arm, to be seen with the Man of all Authority, class, and Charm ? Wherever we go we are VIP, a gentle naud says, “its ok, shes with me. ” Unlimited access, Ultimate opportunities, when you’re with the King theres no what ifs -there is no Maybes. You take me by the hand; you show me hidden wonders. You shower me with with words so sweet, at every moment I feel your love Protecting me, Making me feel your security; like you have taken off your coat and covered me in your purity ever so gently.
I can’t really express this feeling I get, when your gaze is upon me. Its like you burn with passion with desire oh majesty; you love me, you know me; my likes n dislikes, you know how I enjoy each and every surprise….yes its true you love me deep, You delight in me , you take great delight in Me….
To feel your heart makes me fully alive, because I know I am yours; and you- are mine.
Your eyes overwhelm me I can’t look for long, When I look in them it’s like I can hear a song. The song the angels played as you walk that day, the road to Calvary.; you endured agony for me, so I could go completely free! Yes in your eyes …. I can see, the very essence of Beauty – and it overwhelms me….
All wisdom and knowledge are held in your Care; they are yours to give they are yours to share. You know all things like, when to go; you know when to stay, in every situation you know just what to say.
“Come with me, ” you say ” Trust me,You’ll be ok!”
What !! – Its like I’m with the James Bond of the Skies! We are after the Enemy exposing his lies! So Strong and Handsome, so confident with each mission; witted in strategy, quickly positioned. You are ready at all times to love me, protect me, to boldly defend me. You have invited me to Come along, a great adventure! a brand new song! You created Romance; you designed the dance. You’re the author of each and every step; the path is set! So I wait for you, to lead the way. Beloved I’m with you – I am here to stay, I am with you…. today and always. 20140727-043047-16247216.jpg












10 ways to make or break your friendship with a creative person


I love this article from Emily it’s so true, if you are a creative person or you know a creative person!

10 ways to make or break your friendship with a creative person.  Beautiful Hello Blog

Friendships take work.

Heck, all relationships take work, am I right?

But what if you’re in a friendship (or any other kind of relationship) with a creative person?

Sounds exciting, right?  Open minded discussions, exciting adventures, picking up on the energy & passion that surrounds the creative process, an excuse to go to fancy galleries openings, loud concerts, and posh parties…

Ah, what a life!

…But what if your artsy-besty doesn’t call you back for a week?  What if they actually seem to have forgotten about you altogether?  What if they’re rude for no reason?  What if they get strangely emotional?   What if they have a hard time hanging out with your other friends or doing some of the things you like to do?

None of these things mean that you are less of a friend in their eyes.  In fact, if you can stick through these things along with them (listening…

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Fields of Lilies, and the winds Melodies.


Can I take you away to our secret place?

I just want to be with you a lone with you…

there is nothing like just you and I;Image

I can’t help but to smile, I can’t help but to sigh,

cause the moment that I close my eyes- we are standing side by side,

I take your hand in mine to a place where there is no time.

through fields of amber waves, and across the crystal creeks.Image

We run… the air is crisp and clear the wind blows melodies. Image

Can you hear? I can only hear when you beloved are near. 

The blue Mountains surround our special  place, Image

Your sweet smell I can almost taste! 

Just over the hill and through these trees you will see the rolling fields of white lilies..Image

My heart begins to pound, it begins to race, we made it to our secret place.

And here in this field of lilies is where I sing of your mercy, or your grace. 

Here is where I worship at your feet and here is where I dance before thee;Image

as the wind plays our love melody…. truly there is no place that I would rather be

just you- just me. 

The Whole Heart


The Longing in every heart is to be loved, We were created to Give and receive Love with ease a constant flow. We Love because God First loved us. (1John4:19) With our Whole hearts we were made to know the Love of the Father, and with our whole heart we were made to Love one another. Many of us have heard how important a woman is, in truth she is a Life giver she brings forth life to the world. As I am a mother I Had the most incredible experience giving birth to my three children truly life changing! Not to often do you associate a Father as one who brings forth life. Just as a woman brings forth life in the natural and continues to nurture ones natural basic needs for growing and learning. Men are also life givers they play just as big of role in the needs of the children and bringing forth life, in nurturing the soul. I might even say to the tenth degree. Fathers are Vital to life and health for the inner self. In my next few segments of writing I’m going to be talking about what A Father Gives to us and later that it is that a Mother gives to us. Some of us have been very fortunate to have had both a Father and a Mother that were whole in their hearts and they produced a very whole child, but there are no perfect parents out there. Let me encourage you, we have all fallen short in one way or another. That is why there is a desperate cry within my heart to see and nurture the whole heart into healing, from healing into freedom, and from freedom into living fully alive. There is a cycle of love just as there is a cycle of life. God loves us , we love one other and when we love one other we love him Back ! Sometimes the flow gets backed up when we get offended at God or offended with each other, unforgivness and bitterness, even hate can take root in our hearts and the flow becomes a trickle..  The living water is quenched and we become desperate for something to fill our souls dry and thirsty souls, when we are empty the enemy starts trying to isolate us. He finds us alone and he assaults our heart with the intention of snuffing us out completely. The bible says that Jesus came to bring life and to bring it fully with an abundance (John10:10) Does that mean we won’t struggle? Indeed not, sadly …. the word says, In every way we’re troubled but not crushed, frustrated but not in despair (2 Cor4:8) We are going to go through trials but these trials can cultivate a rich soil inside where much beauty can grow in strength and integrity. (Romans 5:4) All for the Glory of God the Father! Truly Christ died to give us life, not to  see us captured by the Enemy but to watch us in freedom! He is filled with Joy when we live. We need His Love…….

Treat Yourself !


pedicure and touch Water and feet flower peddi

Super excited to be sharing with you for the first time… so I work as a cosmetologist in my Mothers salon. I love it, not only is it wonderful to be in the beauty business, but It’s such a Joy working close to my mamma! I have been in the beauty industry for a little over nine years now! wow! (self reflect)

Anyways… I’m here to talk to you today about being good to yourself, treating your self. It would be great if you woke up one morning and your friend, or husband, or wife; were to shower you with gifts such as a massage or a spa facial or even a Pedicure! But lets face it, it’s probably not going to happen. Why you say? Well first, have you ever had a real spa pedicure? I’m not talking about the kind a friend gave you at some sleep over in the sixth grade, or the kind you get at the mall were they treat you like cattle. (please excuse the analogy I’m a country girl at heart :)! ) I’m talking about a real spa experience! I over heard one of my Moms clients today as she was getting a spa pedicure. Julie Loar, ” I always feel full of life after I get a pedicure, It’s not just about pretty toes, it’s about the healing, and the feeling of being rejuvenated …” This hit me in such a sweet spot today, wow yes! ( my first topic for my blog, fully alive) Let me paint you a picture of a great spa pedicure much like the one Julie experience today. Lets say perhaps you are a normal person… (Lol, love that line hehehe) and the demands of everyday life are crashing in, all you seem to be able to think about are the kids, the job, the husband, the laundry (yuck) I was going to say the dry cleaning but lets not get too, out of hand. Plus on top of that your sister won’t talk to you because you just don’t know how to handle your finances in her eyes …(something silly like that), and Rover needs to find a place to stay cause yay! We are going on a family vacation next week! (sarcastic) ahhhhhh (scream ) ok this is getting a little to realistic for comfort! So you have all this stuff going on, you are going ninety miles an hour. When you are elated, a light bulb goes off as you remember, You made an appointment to get a Spa pedicure at LouJean’s Salon a week ago. Yay! This is getting better by the moment! LouJean is a really nice lady that you really enjoy spending time with and she gives a great pedicure! She soaks your feet in hot eucalyptus and mint water, she cleans and scrubs and pampers your skin, she talks with you, enjoys you; she rubs your beautiful feet and moisturizes them….. then she paints your toes this fantastic color! wallah! an hour or longer has gone by and You have forgotten about every care, every worry, sounds magical doesn’t it! well it pretty much is. Do it for your self cause no one can love you like you, we need to teach others how to love us by first loving ourselves…Treat Your Self to a Spa experience some time this month. It’s a beautiful thing Ladies, it will make you smile.  When others see how much you enjoy it, and look forward to it, then who knows maybe they will think; hey, I know what Jessica needs, I know what she would really like…. they may just shower you with gifts after all 😉 Have a great day world, go be beautiful- because you are!